Google+ Account A Must For Android Reviews

Feel like reviewing and commenting on your favorite Android App? You better have a registered Google+ account. Google+ users are the only ones able to leave reviews of the Android Apps in the Google Play Store.

This makes sense to me. Similar to logging into YouTube, you need your Google ID to move forward. Surprisingly, it wasn’t already in place.

Before, anyone could make a review or leave a comment. There were a lot of fake registered IDs with fake reviews. Not good for Android. Now, like with any Google product, your Google+ ID will be right next to your comments.

Would this make people less likely to write a review? Would you want your circle of friends to see your comments of the Angry Birds Android App? Or your review of Fooducate? Are there some apps you’re just too embarrassed now to write about?

I know this is good for security and getting honest reviews. However, the shy Android App user may not participate in the discussion.

According to BBC News “Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry and Amazon’s equivalents all allow reviewers to use pseudonyms.” Which is basically all of Google’s competition operating differently. Making this a bold move for the search giant and Google Play.

Another point to consider – this will increase the number of Google+ users significantly. This in turn will help compete with Facebook’s network.

Jeff Rigler

Jefferey Rigler manages DigiYoo, loves all things tech, gadgets and a side order of social media.

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