British Boy Makes Successful iPhone App at 17

The app is called Summly, and the whiz-kid behind it is Nick D’Aloisio.

Despite being only barely 17, Nick has managed to create and run his own company from his bedroom in London, England. Having received funding at the age of 15 for what would later become this company, he is so far the youngest person in the world to have ever received venture capital from sponsors.

His app, Summly, is a mobile service that simply summarizes things for the user. Basically, while a person is perusing Google or Bing on their iPhone, they can press a button and Summly will break down whatever the content is about into key points. As more and more news and media companies take interest in his app, D’Aloisio may have stumbled onto something big here. He’s already had private funding for his company exceed $1,000,000, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Imagine being able to just know the key things that any article you find in searches is about. You no longer need to waste your time skimming lengthy articles only to find they weren’t about what you expected them to be. Maybe I’m just lazy, but it seems like a step in the right direction. I hope the young entrepreneur expands his genius. It could be another big step in making information more easily distinguishable in an age where news is all over the web.

Besides all this, Summly is available for free. There’s really no reason not to use it. And to think this is what this little genius was doing at 17 years old, while I was probably glued to a television screen and passing out in front of my xbox. If I had worked as hard as him, maybe I would be on the fast track to millions by now, too.

Talk about jealous!

Brandon Gardner

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