Rosetta Stone Reviewed

Learning a new language is almost as tedious as reading a textbook from start to finish- with Rosetta Stone it’s as easy as matching shapes in a toddler’s toy set.

Anyone that has ever tried to learn a language knows how frustrating and difficult it can be to memorize a vocabulary set only to return to English immediately after the lesson. Most of the time the majority of the knowledge is not utilized and is therefore forgotten.

It’s possible to see how memorizing exhillarating words like “lamp” and “dog” may seem repetitive and nauseating at a point in the learning process.

Rosetta Stone is a premier language learning software that is far superior to any sort of language learning cassettes or textbooks that most students may have used in the past.

My experience with the software was simple from the start; simple installation, simple start up, and a simple system tracking progress.

Don’t get me wrong, Rosetta Stone isn’t forging language specialists in an afternoon but the program makes high school Spanish look like Chinese water torture.

Rosetta Stone makes use of matching and inference building exercises that allows the student to solve the meaning of the language rather than simply memorize.

The newer versions of the software also allow users to schedule online live lessons with native speakers. Not only is this feature a practical way to learn but the speakers are extremely knowledgable and friendly.

This innovative software combines natural learning with technology. It works; not to mention it is used by organizations such as the Department of Defense and the U.S. Military.

Rosetta Stone is definitely worth checking out on their site ( as they offer rather reasonable discounts periodically. It’s worth the buy and worth the ability to be able to read the software manual in all of its different languages.



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