Soundgarden’s Return Is Worth The Wait

Soundgarden, part of the famous grunge movement out of Seattle, return with their first new album in over 15 years. King Animal was released to much hype after their return in 2011 and recorded after the reunion tour that took place in the same year.

The wait for a new album was sure a long one. Most bands that get back together, they tour, make a new album, then tour said album, and whatever is next follows. Soundgarden played a secret show at the Showbox in 2010, a greatest hits package came out in 2011, then a tour, the single “Live To Rise” came out, and finally the new album. Is it worth the wait?

King Animal has a total of 13 songs. Here is the track list:

The album kicks off with the first single from the band, “Been Away For Too Long”. The guitar work on this song is just perfect. It sounds like they went back to where they left off. The song is a fitting opener since Soundgarden has been gone for a long time. Chris Cornell is still the same vocalist that he was back in the 90’s. He can still hit that right pitch when needed. The song “Bones Of Birds” is another throwback track to the old days. The music is that old grunge sound that we are all familiar with.

How does the album work? Soundgarden goes back to the old grunge formula that made the band who they are. It’s like they had never left in the first place. Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil still lead the guitar and vocal attack, Ben Shepherd provides flawless bass lines, and Matt Cameron still provided the steady beat on the drums. King Animal was worth the wait and I suggest you give it a listen.

Henry Schultz

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  1. December 1, 2012

    Great to see a great band playing again.


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