Instagram Cuts Ties with Twiter

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has recently defended his decision for Instagram to break ties with Twitter as he attempts to grow the company to become self-sufficient, sort of.

Instagram photos will no longer be properly displayed on Twitter as they had previously been when the two social media minorities had worked collaboratively to combat the powerhouse, Facebook.

This was a convenient time for Instagram to break all ties with Twitter considering Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram just three months ago, though Systrom claims this had very little to do with the parting of ways.

Between the filters over photos of spaghetti and 140 character messages about new shoes, I’m not exactly sure if the back and forth cyber warfare is exactly necessary.

Adrian Covert of CNN states in his article that this minor controversy is slightly inconvenient though “hardly the end of the world.”

Well I would hope the earth would still be here even considering the fact that cellular art may not properly be displayed on Twitter. In fact, I still question the need for the existence of Instagram altogether, though sites such as CollegeHumor cover such topics reasonably well in their parody videos.

More importantly, this move has given the consumers a limited behind-the-scenes look into the fierce competition between social media companies battling for our attention.

Social media is the next technological revolution and affects our society (not to mention individual selves) more than most people can imagine – especially in terms of acquiring employment, marketing products and general social influence.

It’s important to not only remain aware of social media but why things like conflict between Instagram and Twitter matter; every company is fighting for control of some sort of power, social media is a revolution.

Dimitriy Kaplan

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