Cable News and the Leg Show!

If you have ever watched cable news—Fox News, CNN, MSNBC—you know that news television there is not like your nightly broadcast news. It features debates (read: shootouts), hardcore opinion and programs that slant in a certain direction (liberalism in the case of CNN and MSNBC, but a more fair and balanced approach that doesn’t deride conservatives in the case of Fox News). In the last 10 years or so, cable news has become a lot more popular, especially with divisive presidents such as George W. Bush and Barack Obama making such rich targets for liberals and conservatives.

While you can’t discount the fact that cable news provides its viewers with opinions and analysis that you don’t see on broadcast news, you also can’t ignore something else that may partially help explain the popularity of cable news: the female news anchors. Or, more precisely, the way that female news anchors are displayed on cable news channels.

For example, Fox News leads all other cable news channels by a wide margin, yet have you ever seen what the vast majority of their female anchors are wearing? Much of the time, it is absolutely not suitable for a professional newswoman who is trying to be taken seriously! Much of the time, female Fox News anchors rejoice in wearing very short dresses that are better suited to picking up men at a bar—fact! Don’t believe me? Then just take a gander at this website set up not by Fox News fans, but by fans of female Fox News anchors; yes, there is a difference.

Personally, I’ve always thought the strength of a channel like Fox News was the opinion and analysis of pundits like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and the channel’s penchant for giving both right and left equal time, not the leg show going on with its female anchors! Obviously, though, the Fox News execs know exactly what they’re having their female anchors do in terms of what they wear, and it’s an ultra-tiresome and cheap way to get some more viewers.

Fox News is not the only cable news channel guilty of this cheap stunt to drive up ratings: CNN is also in on the action…the leg show action, that is. Just look at this other website put together by a fan of CNN female anchors. MSNBC suffers from the exact same problem: this website also sings the praises of certain MSNBC female anchors.

Call me crazy, but I think that cable news should be watched on the strength of its debates, opinions and analyses, not how its female anchors are willfully displaying themselves like pieces of meat.

Marc Schenker

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