Best Gadget Gifts for Tech Lovers

By on December 18, 2012

In the midst of holiday shopping and stumped what to buy the tech lover in your life?

Check out our latest gift list:

  • Canon DSLR 5D – This camera shoots amazingly well in low light.  Like its brother the 7D, it can shoot HD video exceptionally well.  Who needs a Red camera when you have the 5D in your hands?

  • Crosley Turntable – Vintage listening.  Some believe listening to vinyl is superior to pure digital

  • Nexus 7 Google’s 7 inch tablet. “With a stunning 7-inch display, all day battery life, even more storage, and mobile data to keep you connected, Nexus 7 is the perfect travel or commute companion” -Uh ok I admit I know there are other 7 inch tablets to choose from.  I just want this one.

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