Health Apps For The New Year

All right kids it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! Yes I know you’re telling yourself this year you’re going to stick with it. This year will be the one when you get fit, get healthy, and get it all under control. It’s closer and it may be easier than you think. First things first, you don’t make progress in a vacuum. That is to say you can’t do it alone. You need a plan and support in order to succeed. Here are just a few things that may help you along the way. Ask a friend to join you and that way you can hold each other accountable. You’ll be successful.

iOS only app called Fitocracy combines social networking with activity tracking to help you reach your goals. As you complete your activity or follow your routines you log your progress on the app. But the best part is the ability to join groups of people who are engaged in similar activities. With the encouragement of others it’s easier to meet your fitness goals.

I think these next two are great. Bloom uses a group of motivational images,and sophisticated graphics to motivate people to healthier living. Bloom launched last year, allows you to select from several “Life Areas,” that include health, relationships, lifestyle and creativity. It then creates “Blooms” the weave motivational images, music and quotes into reminders about specific activities. If, for instance, you need to drink more water, you can choose a picture from their beautiful gallery and a song from your music library or iTunes to remind you at a specific time.

Juice is an iPhone app created by Mindbloom. It launched last month and similarly uses aesthetics to help you track exercise, sleep and diet to improve your energy. Each day you log your mood energy and activities and over time the app generates custom, expert-submitted tips for improvement. Unlike other apps of this type, Juice claims to be easier to use and take less time. Juice will also allow you set up tip reminders to build healthy new habits. iOS only.

We all could use a coach now and then and the iCoachMe will help you take charge of your life. It works for health and fitness goals as well as relationships and work life balance challenges. The app introduces coaching questions that take you through a fun four step coaching session. First you refine your goal. Then you work through the challenges and obstacles keeping you from your goals or desired outcome. It then gives you the tools and options to help you achieve your goals and gets you committed to achieving them. Its launch discount is $0.99, it’s available worldwide and works for iOS 5 devices. Personal coaching is also available through the site,

I’m sure there are more out there but search for one that suits your style. You won’t succeed if you’re not motivated. There’s an app and a support group out there to help you have a healthier New Year.

Carol Traulsen

Carol is a contributing writer for DigiYoo. She's a freelance writer from the Seattle area. Some of her books include 3 Luv's Life and Flash Flower are available on Amazon for Kindle exclusively. 3 will be available for the next five days for free.

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  1. James Wilson
    January 2, 2013

    Be*Healthy is a new app that helps you figure out how to add extra years of healthy living to your life and gives pointers on how to get started. Great for helping you pick a New Year’s resolution.*healthy/id580332912


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