Long-Distance Relationships – Now Easier?

Do you remember waiting for the mail to arrive to hear from your sweetie? Do you remember waiting until the rates went down at night so you could make that long-distance call to your loved one? How about walking to the library to check for an email? If you do, then you know that the long-distance relationship has come a long way.

Sure. You didn’t have to wait for trains or ships to bring messages in the 1990s but it feels that archaic when you review the vast – and cheap – communication options now available a mere twenty years later.

Email or text from a mobile phone that you can also use to – gasp – call someone at any time for the same low price. Skype and FaceTime take the conversation to another level entirely.

Missing his funny laugh or her sweet smile? You’ve probably got a terabyte’s worth of pictures and videos. And why wouldn’t you? Storage is cheap and plentiful!

And gifts. No need to trudge out, buy something, find a box and cut up a paper shopping bag to wrap it with and then stand in line at the post office for half the day to mail it. You can find almost anything online and the shipping is done for you.

As for paranoia, social networks can now alleviate any anxiety as to what your sweetie spends his or her time doing. Unless of course the timeline becomes quiet…

Which is all to say that while relationships are never easy, the ways to stay connected across the miles have certainly improved and made the long-distance relationship more bearable. (And this is not even considering long- distance relationships that now start without the parties even meeting first in person.)


Shavaun Morrissey

Shavaun is the editor of DigiYoo and writes for Parenting. She enjoys writing while raising her three girls.

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