Why Wouldn’t Al Gore Sell Current TV to Glenn Beck?

Remember Al Gore? Yeah, that Al Gore who was vice president under Bill Clinton and since then has gained a lot—and I mean a lot—of weight. Well, when he’s not preaching about the alleged hazards of “global warming”—even though it has largely been refuted by science—he’s running his TV project, Current TV. Or, rather, he used to run Current TV, up until just recently.

On Wednesday, Current TV announced that it had been bought up by none other than Al-Jazeera. Yes, that Al-Jazeera, the Arab network that infamously made its name by showing countless beheadings of victims at the hands of terrorists and which gave Al-Qaeda an unending platform by airing terrorist propaganda video after terrorist propaganda video. Well, Al Gore had the chance to sell Current TV, which was a channel that had pro-liberal programming, to Glenn Beck, a patriotic American. Instead, he chose to sell the channel to Al-Jazeera, which, and this goes without saying, hates America. Why?!

It turns out that Gore was more upset over having to explain to all of his liberal friends why he would sell Current TV to Beck—a libertarian and frequent critic of President Obama—than selling the channel to a bunch of America haters at Al-Jazeera. Hmmmm, this really sounds completely appalling when you think about it. I mean, the former Democrat vice president actually picks an America-hating Arab network over Beck, just because Beck is more to the right than Gore. Wow. That just blows my mind.

Now that Al-Jazeera owns Gore’s Current TV, all those who believed in things like global warming will likely be disappointed because the Qatar-financed network will end Gore’s lineup of pro-liberal programming. So I suppose that means that, instead of TV shows focused on global warming and wealth redistribution, you can now expect more programs about beheadings and the Koran. In any case, you can find out yourself in the near future, when Al-Jazeera begins broadcasting right into the 60 million American homes formerly reached by Gore’s Current TV.

Marc Schenker

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