Apps That Control Your House

Here we are in 2013 and it’s close to the Jetsons era. I am still waiting for flying cars and a robot for a butler. We may not have those things but there are apps.

That’s right. Apps that can manage every bit of your household are available. Let’s take a look at them.  These are iOS Apple apps; for Android apps click here.

Nest Worried about coming home to a cold house?  No need to worry as you can now control your house temperature with Nest. Some of the features include: changing temperature remotely, editing your nest schedule remotely, accessing energy saving features, and finding out how much energy you are saving.

NetBlender BD Touch  This one’s for the huge movie fans out there.  Would you like to access your Blu-ray’s information on your phone? Now you can.  Turn your iPhone into a Blu-ray remote.  Or if you want to see details about the movie you can.  BD Touch let’s you download videos, images, music, and web links.  However, the app only works with BD Touch compatible discs.

Apple Remote  Control all of your Mac’s media throughout your home (Tunes or AppleTV). This app even allows you to create new playlists.  You are able to pause, fast forward,  change the volume and rewind.

Philips Hue  Would you like to control your house lighting with your iPhone?  With the Philips Hue light pack and app you can control your home’s lighting.  One catch this isn’t an app you download for $.99; this system costs $200.  There is the coolness factor though of being able to control your lighting through your iPad or iPhone so it may be worth it to you.

iBaby Monitor  Monitor all of your baby’s movements with your iPhone or iPad.  If your baby moves out of the camera’s way – not a problem – just reposition the camera.  A nice feature is the two-way audio function. If needed you may speak and soothe your baby back to sleep. -Hey anything’s possible.  This monitoring system can work for pets, older children, or an elderly family member.

So no robots yet but these apps can come in handy.   What type of app would you like to see?

Jeff Rigler

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