The Late Night Dilemma

Late night talk shows have been a staple in American television. For some it’s a good way to laugh at the day’s event from a host’s telling of the news or the skits he performs. For the people that watch late night television, there is a vast variety of different shows to choose from. The most popular ones are NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and CBS’s The Late Show With David Letterman.

Those two shows have been pretty popular since the early 90’s. Leno and Letterman have brought in consistent ratings to their respective networks. The thing is these shows may still be ratings draws, but there is a new era of late night hosts that might take over.

This past week saw the ABC program Jimmy Kimmel Live go to the 11:35 p.m. spot. The move paid off for ABC as Jimmy Kimmel was the number one late night show last week. Kimmel brought in his biggest audience with 3.017 million people. Jimmy Kimmel Live beat The Tonight Show by 3% and The Late Show by 31%.

Now this is only Jimmy Kimmel’s first night in the new time slot, but it is a good start. Kimmel does always have a good show and is a pretty funny guy. Leno and Letterman still bring in consistent ratings. The thing is that Leno and Letterman are getting pretty stale on their shows. They have been doing the same things since the 90’s, and I think that the younger generation will be making a statement with the remote.

We all have our choices when it comes to late night talk shows. For Leno and Letterman to survive, they will need to freshen up their shows. If they don’t, Kimmel and even Conan O’Brien will be the new kings of late night.

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