Portlandia Makes a Statement

Television comedies have had a huge history. Many famous shows like Seinfeld, 30 Rock, and The Office have made their marks during their respective runs. While 30 Rock and The Office are winding down, a new show may take their place.

Portlandia has been on for awhile but, it is starting to catch on. Created by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the show is filmed and based in Portland, Oregon. The show has many different types of skits that go on, and it mostly contains the characters that Armisen and Brownstein play.

The skits on the show vary. One episode featured a couple asking where everything comes from a restaurant menu. Another had a skit where a man is riding his bike through traffic. Some episodes feature two ladies running a bookstore and not helping out customers one bit. A lot of different stuff is featured in every episode.

Now you might be thinking of what people in Portland might think of the show. You might also be thinking if Portland is really like this. This is what my cousin Michael, who lives in Portland, has to say:

“The Portlandia show is a good representation of some of the people in Portland stretched to ridiculous. There’s been a stormtrooper on a unicycle playing the Imperial March from Star Wars on bagpipes. I mean, that’s pretty crazy. There’s also way too many politically correct people here. People that worry about what other people say way too much. Also, the people asking where everything was sourced on their menu. Totally a real thing”.

You can check Portlandia on the IFC channel. It is also on Netflix. If you have not seen it before, check out this video.


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