When Did Fat Become Part of a Movie Review?

New York Observer film critic Rex Reed crossed a line when he reviewed Melissa McCarthy’s latest movie Identity Thief. (In theaters everywhere today.)  His job is to review the movie; that’s what he gets paid to do. Fine. But when you start calling her “tractor-sized” and saying she’s devoted her career to being obese, that is way out of line.

Reed is caustic and his reviews always gain attention. There’s no question he can be cruel, but usually it has to do with someone’s acting talents not their size. Would he have said the same about Robbie Coltrane, John Goodman or Kevin James? Why is it okay to fat shame a woman when you wouldn’t think of doing it to a man? Society has made it okay for a man to be “large and in charge” but if you are a woman, you’re “tractor-sized?”

Rex I have a few questions for you:

Can you give birth to children? No? Melissa’s had two. We know that forever changes the body. I know; I’ve had one myself. Maybe you’re too used to the actresses who feel so much pressure to be thin that they starve themselves or resort to surgery to get that “amazing post-baby body.” Give birth and then we’ll talk about getting back in to shape.

Do you plan to now insult the men in Hollywood (some of whom I mentioned above) that are larger than Melissa is so that we know its fat people you hate not just fat women?

Can we look forward to similarly snarky comments regarding actors who are skinny, bald, big nosed, small nosed, Latino, African-American, Asian or some other ethnicity, religion, quirk or income bracket you don’t like?

Is it true that those who can’t, critique? Sorry. That’s hitting below the belt isn’t it? Doesn’t feel so good does it?

While we’re on the subject you really should know better. You are a part of a couple of groups some people don’t like. You’re old (72?) and you’re homosexual. Those two things shouldn’t have anything to do with how you do your job should they? Let’s be real. Actors and comedians use whatever they have to develop a character and schtick that will work, for a role and for a career.  Somewhere in the mix is also talent.  So if you’re accusing Melissa of using her fat then you’re accusing others of using their bedroom eyes, bad teeth, poor posture, and wrinkles too. Maybe that’s the problem. In your youth, you were very attractive and even using all of that you didn’t have much of a career. Guess Melissa has more talent.

Carol Traulsen

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