Health Apps to Save Your Sanity

These apps offer you a way to save your sanity in a world where each new day brings more challenges than we could ever imagine.

Lower your stress levels with these apps without going postal on your workmates and friends. Maybe we need more of these given the nature of things in our world today.

Massage Me Use your iPhone as a massager! The iPhone uses the vibration motor to provide you with a relaxing massage. Tap in your pattern, press start and enjoy your customized vibration. The app was developed by an engineer who dislocated his shoulder and required months of physical therapy to regain full use of his right arm. He developed the app using mostly his left arm and made it a part of his daily therapeutic routine to help ease his pain and speed recovery. Don’t worry it has built in features for your iPhone keeping it from being overworked. Features include; programmable massage patterns, speed control and automatically repeating pattern.

iHateMyJob. Vent about your work issues and find out what others are going through with this app. Let someone else say all the things you didn’t dare. We’ve all had jobs we hate. This apps gives you a little stress relief by letting others say it for you. You save your sanity and your job.

Fracture  If you find yourself so stressed you want throw something(like your phone) this app is for you. Although, if you’ve got a job that causes that much stress you may want to rethink your employment, or just use this app more often. You get the effect of your iPhone breaking without the cost it’s free.

This next set of apps is meant to inspire you be your best. Try them out. You might be surprised at how much more positive you become.

iBelieve in Happiness This app sounds like one we all need these days. It’s free for your iPhone. Great for anxiety or meditation it reminds us that we have more than we imagine and really are happier than we know. For those with a spiritual side or those who want to exercise that side a little more you can do it for free.

If you are the practical type and gain your inspiration from charting your progress then The Carrot is for you. It has trackers for everything, from diet; to blood pressure, to personal goals. You can even add pictures if you like. You enter the data on your cell, the carrot keeps track. Developed by Grailr it’s $o.99 designed for iPhone iPad compatible. Consider this a lighthearted productivity app with an attitude. It’s not happy when tasks aren’t completed or when you dare to sleep. But if that’s what it takes to get you fired up and your to do list taken care of then this is for you.

World Proverbs allows you to get your inspiration from cultures around the world. For $0.99 your iPhone can give you 4000 proverbs. Make a list of your favorites for faster reference or browse by keywords. You’ll be wise in several languages using this!

There are apps to inspire apps to relax, to meditate, to educate, to set goals. All are good for your mental health. And I’ve only scratched the surface.


Carol Traulsen

Carol is a contributing writer for DigiYoo. She's a freelance writer from the Seattle area. Some of her books include 3 Luv's Life and Flash Flower are available on Amazon for Kindle exclusively. 3 will be available for the next five days for free.

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  1. Marilyn
    February 22, 2013

    Another app you might consider for lowering and monitoring stress levels is LifeTopix. It’s a personal productivity app; however, we’ve included features that allow you to log any of your activities (such as fitness — yoga, running etc.; meditation; diet; medications) and correlate these activities with your stress levels and feelings. You can discover trends by viewing results in a graphical format over time. It also allows you to keep track of everything you’re doing in your life, which is proven to help you sleep at night.


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