Scott Weiland Out Of Stone Temple Pilots

It was announced that singer/front man Scott Weiland was terminated and no longer with Stone Temple Pilots. The band has announced that he will no longer be performing with them.

Right now it’s unknown what Stone Temple Pilots are going to do. They might be looking for someone to replace Weiland or they might just call it quits. STP will probably not call it quits if they just fired only Weiland. From the looks of it, they want to move on from Weiland and find a new singer for the band.

Scott Weiland has had a dark past to him through most of his career. The singer has been well known for his addiction to heroin and many attempts to go to rehab and get clean. During the bands first years, they released many songs that are still remembered today and were part of the grunge movement.  Stone Temple Pilots broke up in the early 2000’s and the band members went their separate ways.

Weiland is also known for his work with the band Velvet Revolver. it consisted of former Guns N Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. While another member was guitarist Dave Kushner. They released two albums and won a Grammy for the song “Slither”. Velvet Revolver went on hiatus when Scott Weiland helped reform Stone Temple Pilots.

As stated before there hasn’t been a reason to why Weiland is no longer with Stone Temple Pilots. It could be that Weiland’s past problems are coming up again and the others have had enough of it. I only hope that he can get it together. I’ve seen him perform live before and he is a very good singer and puts on a good show.


Henry Schultz

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  1. February 28, 2013

    I’ve been a fan of STP for a long time. I heard a radio interview of Scott a few years back. He was so glad he was clean and was going to focus on his career.

    I agree that there must have been some personal demons Scott is dealing with and the band had enough.

  2. Henry Schultz
    March 1, 2013

    I also heard of him going on a solo tour and wanting to get back with Velvet Revolver. So I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Even though I don’t think that he will get back with VR because it seems Slash holds grudges with people.

    Overall I’m starting to think it was personal problems and a bit of doing other work. It’s pretty sad to see happen again.


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