Want to Try Something New? Give the NLL a Try

Everyone has their favorite sport. It could be soccer, basketball, football, or something of your choice. Each sport has its own league with the various teams around the league. Leagues vary in teams, and each person has his own favorites.

You might be getting tired of the same sports and players. Maybe you are looking for something new to try out. There is a league out there that hasn’t been getting much attention. You would only know about it if you were a lacrosse fan. This league is the National Lacrosse League (NLL).

The NLL is comprised of nine teams in two divisions. The West Division has the Calgary Roughnecks, Colorado Mammoth, Edmonton Rush, Minnesota Swarm, and the Washington Stealth, while the East Division has the Buffalo Bandits, Philadelphia Wings, Rochester Knighthawks, and the Toronto Rock.

Since the NLL is an indoor box lacrosse league, the rules are a little different. This is what goes on in the field.

-Teams face off in the face-off circle.

-Six players from each team on the field at a time.

-Players have to cross the ball mid-floor to the other side in eight seconds, if they don’t turn it over.

-Teams have a 30-second shot clock. If they don’t score, it’s a turnover.

-The goalie guards the net in a crease. Opposing teams can’t cross the crease. If they do and score, it doesn’t count.

I’m a Stealth season ticket holder, and every game that I go to, the game gets more and more exciting. You never know what is going to happen, and it isn’t over till the 4th quarter ends.

Check out this video, and the games air live on YouTube on game days:

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