The Problem With The NBA

The NBA is the world’s most popular basketball organization. Everyone knows what it’s all about. Having some of the greatest athletes in the world, the NBA is a global phenom that makes billions in revenue and has strong markets all over America.

Many cities do not have an NBA team. A team will bring much-needed revenue to a city, and it’s always fun to watch a game. Now how does a city get an NBA team?

By taking another city’s team and having an arena deal in place.

There is no such thing as expansion in the NBA. While having enough teams and an 82-game season, the NBA sees that expansion is not worth it. There is a two-step formula that the NBA requires for one to have a basketball team:

-Purchase a franchise from an owner who is selling, and submit the agreement for approval to the Board Of Governors.

-Have a “world-class” arena in your city, even if the city has an arena that’s only 10 years old.

You might have heard of what is going on in Sacramento. An ownership group in Seattle has signed an agreement to purchase the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family. The Seattle group wants to move the team to Seattle, while the city of Sacramento, led by Mayor Kevin Johnson, is fighting to keep the team there.

This is all cut-throat politics that don’t need to be in place. The leader of the NBA, David Stern, creates these “problems” just so he can prove that his franchises are worth way more than they are. So far in Sacramento, there is a bidding war going on. Stern denies it, but you can see it for what it is.

Is moving teams really worth it? As a former Sonics fan, I know how it is to lose a team. I can also feel for the people in Sacramento who might lose their team. It is what it is even if we don’t like it. Thank you, David Stern.



Henry Schultz

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