Is Amanda Bynes Really in Trouble or Just Acting out for Some Extra Publicity?

Every few years, unfortunately, the mainstream media starts to intensely follow the latest irrelevant starlet that’s about to self-destruct, and this year’s media choice seems to be young Amanda Bynes. First of all, do you even remember Bynes? Here’s a little refresher course for you.

Bynes was a pretty successful child and teen actress, starring in both TV series and movies, mostly in the late 90s and into the early 2000s. She’s probably best remembered for her time on Nickelodeon, where she starred in All That and The Amanda Show. She attempted the oft-fraught-with-peril transition into more adult or mature roles in the 2000s, and she had okay success with the TV series What I Like About You, which also starred Jennie Garth. She also starred in somewhat successful teen movies such as What a Girl Wants, She’s the Man, Hairspray and Easy A.

However, since then, both her career and personal life have gone down the toilet. Whether it’s the “stress” of not being able to transition with more effectiveness and success from teen star into serious, grownup actress or not, it’s clear that Bynes has been—let’s say—not playing with a full deck of cards in the last few years, if you get my drift.

Since her last movie, Easy A, she’s been in the headlines for the most disreputable reasons. For example, on April 6, 2012, Bynes was arrested and charged with a DUI. On September 4, 2012, she was charged with a hit-and-run related to leaving the scene of two different accidents.

Before that, her clothing line, Dear, went out of business when retailer Steve & Barry’s filed for bankruptcy in early 2009.

Just last month, Bynes announced on Twitter—which is apparently the social media tool of choice for self-destructing, self-absorbed quasi-celebrities to tell the world of their many problems—that she has an eating disorder. Prior to that, her Twitter account had regularly been the site of one messed-up tweet after another!

Clearly, Bynes has psychological problems, and I’m no shrink, but it’s pretty obvious.

The real problem is twofold: The media wants her to keep self-destructing, which is why they’re covering her. Although the media pretends to be “concerned” about her activities, celebrity “journalists” are just salivating at more weirdness from her and hoping she’ll go the way of Anna Nicole Smith. After all, the only rule in the media is: If it bleeds, it leads!

Second of all, Bynes is to blame, too. She’s obviously not into personal responsibility or wanting to get better. All her actions seem to imply that she loves the spotlight—even the negative spotlight—and wants attention for doing weird and self-destructive mischief.

Is Bynes just like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and other little starlets who have struggled with personal problems? You tell us! Share your comments now.

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