Tweetdeck No Longer Supports Facebook – Noooo!

Tweetdeck a powerhouse aggregator of social media sharing has dropped Facebook. Tweetdeck was a pioneer application in which you could update your Facebook, and Twitter account.

Tweetdeck was first released in 2008 by Lain Dodsworth and within a year it had a 23% market share of Twitter users. See Wikipedia article.

According to Mashable TweetDeck is “a service exclusively for Twitter power users is a consequence of Twitter acquiring the company in early 2011″

Tweetdeck was in a bidding war and it sold for 25 million both cash and some Twitter stock.

Tweetdeck is solely focused on Twitter… Now social media rock stars who handle multiple accounts will have to choose another perhaps hootsuite

Jeff Rigler

Jefferey Rigler manages DigiYoo, loves all things tech, gadgets and a side order of social media.

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