Pinterest Gets A Facelift – A Look At The New Changes

The times of Pinterest are a changing. As the social media forerunner, Pinterest seems to be on a quest to make itself better every few months.

I like the changes but let’s go over them.

  • Search your own PINS – For people who pin constantly this is a plus.  You can finally find that amazing Spaghetti recipe you put somewhere. 
  • Boards are BIGGER – I like this. I mean it’s not like I need to break out reading glasses to enjoy Pinterest but bigger boards are great.
  • Tagging – What I like about this function SEO my friend.  What ever site or subject you are pinning how you tag greatly impacts where it’s found.

More changes to come. . .



Jeff Rigler

Jefferey Rigler manages DigiYoo, loves all things tech, gadgets and a side order of social media.

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