Bezos and the Post: What Could Go Wrong?

Well, everything.  But really, what choice did the Graham family have?  The way it’s been told – if he can’t turn around the paper and make it profitable again (or at least keep it alive), who can? Here’s a smattering of the best headlines (and coverage of the issues of course):

Politico.com: What is Jeff Bezos thinking?

New York Times Blog: Bezos Brings Promise of Innovation to Washington Post

Wired: Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post. But So Did Amazon.

CNN Opinion: Which Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post?

Most commonly mentioned points:

  • Bezos is fine with not making a profit for a while
  • Bezos – he sure is smart
  • Did we mention he’s got some money because of this Amazon thing he started?
  • Newspapers vs. the Internet, yadda yadda

Aside from these shared points, the general reaction was a bit nervous and surprised. Everyone is dying to know if Bezos has some great strategy up his Kindle or if he will just be winging it.

The truth is – no one knows what will happen and what conflicts might arise.  But it sure makes for a good story.

Shavaun Morrissey

Shavaun is the editor of DigiYoo and writes for Parenting. She enjoys writing while raising her three girls.

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